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Notice on the latest virus situation in China and our holiday extension

Notice on the latest virus situation in China and our holiday extension

To foreign customers:

A new virus called sari appeared in china now,especially the people in wuhan city,hubei province.now dead 106 person all over the china.

The government advice people stay at home on holidays and cancelled the big party now.it will continue at least 2 weekes.so,calm down,I'll update the news to start work.do not worry,i am fine 

In addition,pls adjust your scheduling to china now. We are sure to win !

An outbreak of disease that started in Wuhan, one of the central Chinese cities. It's caused by a novel conronavirus, that means it's brand new, so new that actually it doesn't have a name yet. 

This virus spread very fast. The incubation period is about 15 days. During the incubation period, people can be infected, and the infected people have almost no abnormal reactions during this period, it's difficult to judge who is infected, very horrible.


Because it is the Spring Festival, it is a tradition for people to go home to celebrate the New Year with family. Before the virus outbreak, about 5 million people left Wuhan to return to their hometowns, which caused people in different cities to be infected.


In order to avoid many people infected, the Chinese government locked down Wuhan, asked people to stay at home to avoid to approach others. Moreover, the government assigned many professional doctors and nurses to Wuhan, delivered food and medical supplies. To alleviate the shortage of medical resources and the problem of long queues for fever patients, all hospitals send out consultations for 24 hours. Among the patients with fever and those who are highly suspected of new pneumonia, the hospital must accept them and observe them uniformly. Wuhan City decided to uniformly arrange the medical beds in the city, and it is recommended that patients with mild fever should go to the clinic by appointment.


Round-the-clock construction underway on novel coronavirus hospitals, it's estimated to be finished in 7 days.


Doctors are studying the new virus to treat the deseases, nurses are taking care of every patients, workers are building novel coronavirus hospitals, we really appreciate your efforts, what most people can do is to stay indoor, to avoid any uncessary burden to them. 


The Chinese government takes measures to solve this big challenge.