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Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts)
Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts) Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts) Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts) Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts) Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts)

Tension Control Bolts (TC bolts)

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IKING Fasteners provides standard and non-standard wholesale industrial fasteners in both metric and inch sizes. From code-listed concrete anchors to dog point socket set screws to lock washers, you'll find industrial quality fasteners at competitive prices from IKING. Need a cost-efficient custom modification? Our in-house plating and machining shops allow us to deliver quick turn-around times on custom fastener plating and modification services including 13 plating processes, painted fastener heads, special thread lengths and thread locking additions. With a catalog of over 70,000 fasteners as well as in-house plating and customization capabilities, our aim is to become your go-to bulk fastener supplier. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help!

Product Description

Tension Control Bolts and the innovative Shear Wrench system are the lowest cost method of properly installing preloaded or High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) bolts.

IKING as they are commonly known, are replacing conventional high strength friction grip bolts and swaged collar rivets simply because they are quick and easy to install using lightweight electric shear wrenches. Guaranteed tension together with visual inspection removes the likelihood of operator error and ensures engineers that connections are tightened in accordance with specifications.

TC bolts Installation Process

TC tension control bolts intallation process

TC bolts Advantages


  • Consistent tension
  • Visual inspection
  • Higher grade steel and increased pre-load facilitates the use of smaller diameter bolts
  • TC bolts can be used in Shear and Tension
  • No bolt relaxation since no torsional shear is induced during tightening
  • Does not loosen with vibration – no locknut required
  • Has a very hard surface and does not crack or flake

Cost Saving

  • Quick, safe and easy to install
  • One man installation
  • Reduced tool maintenance
  • One tool can install several diameters
  • Tools do not self destruct so last many years
  • Requires no further treatment which means less time at site


  • Non-impacting electric shear wrenches
  • No risk of HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome)
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • No air compressors with dangerous pipes & cables
  • Low on-site noise – under HSE minimum levels
  • No heavy calibrated torque wrenches required
  • Ultra-light weight wrenches of varying shapes & sizes

TC bolts Specifications

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